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ATV / UTV PORTABLE ALARM from stealarmor.com
Portable Security Alarm Systems
From stealarmor comes a atv portable alarm.  Protects while it is in transit or parked.  Hunting enthusiasts will find this product useful, protecting your atv and equipment.  Protects area inside and outside atv.  Provides equipment security.  Small size but big sound with 120db siren.  Easy 2 wire hookup or just plug into the lighter socket.
Portable burglar alarm system...  Lay in floor or mount it.  The most versitiel invisible alarm on the market...
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000- 1500ft range   No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
  If you store your ATV under a cover, place atvarmor in the seat or floor  or place in a compartment. If a thief raises the cover the siren will blast at 120db.
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Mount on roll bar
Place under dash
Hide for concealed protection
Plug & Play Design
Optional No installation
Protects when trailering
Protect Equipment
Only 8in long & 4in dia.
Easy 2 wire hookup or
cigar lighter
Adjustable sensitivity
The easiest ATV Alarm on the market. Once your alarm arrives it is ready to use right out of the box.  Place it on the seat or floor or mount to roll bar and plug it into the cigar lighter.  Arm with your remote and you are protected. Unit can be hard wired as well.
All over the internet there are forums posting stolen listings for ATVs.  Specialized sites that will let you post your pics in the hope to recover your ride.  News articles reports ATV thief is up in their coverage area.  Would it not be better to prevent such a theft in the first place.  A little effort can go a long way if applied correctly.  Welcome to STEAL ARMOR, home to the ATV / UTV Alarm.  Easy to apply and easy to buy.
Think you are protected buy removing the keys.  How about storing it out of site.  Keep a cover over it.  Every time you ride, every time you take your ATV for a outing a would be thief takes inventory.  This hard to trace recreational vehicle is high on the hit list for most thieves.  Easy to resale, easy to move to a different location.  Make on bones about it.  ATVs are hot and very desirable all across the US.
Covered ATV
Protect your hunting atv with a ATVARMOR alarm
Protect your ATV and Equipment
ATV Portable Alarm
Portable ATV Alarm
Must be hooked to a constant 12volt source
Can be placed into a non metallic storage box
Key switch side of ATV Portable Alarm
Showing 2 key fobs with ATV Alarm
Small size ATV Alarm 4in X 8in
120db siren built in
Small portable self contained ATV / UTV alarm.  Easy plug and play design. Use on your hunting ATV, work ATV or play ATV.  Protect the ATV and its contents.  The only ATV Alarm with no installation required.  Out of box ready.  Constant 12 volts required. Mount or sit your ATV Alarm or place inside a compartment.  Protects your stereo, hunting equipment, camping equipment or any valuables you are hauling with your ATV.  Use when hauling ATV for added protection.
Protect your UTV
ATV Radio Add a radio system to your ATV. Stereo, speakers, mounts, docking station for the JHD910 Jensen Heavy Duty Radio. Unique Products for the ATV, UTV owner. Featuring: Jensen Heavy Duty, Tractor Tunes. Same Day Shipping